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These are designed for personal development and bridging a gap in one’s cash flow constraints. Looking for a financial boost to fuel your aspirations or handle unexpected expenses? Our personalized loans are tailored to nurture personal development while bridging any cash flow constraints you might face. Whether it’s pursuing further education, investing in a passion project, or consolidating debts, our flexible personal loans are designed to empower you to achieve your goals.


Enjoy up to

Loan amounts of up to Ugx150Mn with collateral required

Interest Rates

Affordable interest rates that are convenient and flexible

Payment Periods

Flexible Payment periods to clear loan payment


Getting financial guides on these loans and interests
  • Debt Consolidation is one major reason why most people take personal loans. When can you apply for a loan you can use it to pay other outstanding debts and therefore reduce on the accumulating interest rate. It’s therefore one alternative of paying off other outstanding loans.
  • These can be accidents, abrupt medical costs, et cetera. This calls for a Personal loan to take off some of the baggage and pay off as soon as the client gets paid.
  • People also take personal loans to do home remodeling. These include; fixing old roofs, fixing leakages, discarding used furniture and purchasing new, renovating blocked waste pipes et cetera.
  • You may also need a personal loan to fund funeral costs or to renovate a cemetery at home
  • Demonstrated source of cash flow for repayment.
  • Valid Trading License for business loans.
  • Documentation for the transaction/ sales agreement (Asset financing loan).
  • Valid bank slip/ student payment code (School fees loans).
  • Copy of the running contract (Contract Financing).
  • Copy of employment contract ( Personal loans).
  • Collateral ranging from Land title, car log book and Kibanja agreement.

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