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As your partner in growth, we want to remain the anchor that uplifts our clients and helps them sustain the future success of businesses. We offer smart solutions for entrepreneurs and business, and seamless banking solutions through innovation. While doing the right business the right way and through partnerships, we commit to find new ways to make dreams possible.


Enjoy up to

Loan amounts of up to Ugx150Mn with collateral required

Interest Rates

Affordable interest rates that are convenient and flexible

Payment Periods

Flexible Payment periods to clear loan payment


Getting financial guides on these loans and interests
  • Improving your business cash flow. This helps to plan well for the company especially when there is a track record of the income and the expenditure. It would therefore be important to get a loan with the knowledge of how the company is operating. This can be on a profit or a loss.This also helps to understand what amount of money the company needs and whether it can pay the loan in the designated time frame.
  • Purchasing more equipment and inventory for the business. This is because machines and equipment undergo wear and tear and this could cost the business money in cases of shutdown. In the same regard, there could be a need to inspect machinery because of the pandemic where some machinery could have been out of use.
  • Improving and expanding the company’s market base through involvement in Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Philanthropy.
  • There could also be instances where one need to purchase goods/ services for the company and needs money on a very short notice. This calls for a business loan from Ntende Finance.
  • Valid trading license.
  • Demonstrate and provide a source of cash flow for repayment.
  • Statement from the bank
  • Credit reference Bureau
  • Guarantors
  • Provide collateral/ security in form of land titles or car log books.

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