Loan Products

Business Loans

Suitable for persons with the desire to boost their businesses.

School Fees Loan

Aimed at assisting Parents/guardians with school dues for uninterrupted school term

Personal Loan

For salaried employees to complement their monthly income for self-dev't.

Asset Financing Loan

Used to acquire a new asset and the same can be used as security for the loan.

Salary Loan

Salaried employees to complement their monthly income for development.

Contract Financing

Aimed at unlocking cash flows for contractors.


  • Demonstrated source of cash flow for repayment.
  • Valid Trading License for business loans.
  • Documentation for the transaction/ sales agreement (Asset financing loan).
  • Valid bank slip/ student payment code (School fees loans).
  • Copy of the running contract (Contract Financing).
  • Copy of employment contract ( Personal loans).
  • Collateral ranging from Land title, car log book and Kibanja agreement.

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